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Innovation, marketing and sales improvement for IT and telecom companies

Do you want to increase the value of your company? Sell ​​well-performing ICT services to satisfied customers? Conceptsales has a passion and a great history in helping companies to bring their innovative services to the market. From a feasible planning through to innovation, marketing, sales and a customer-oriented service offer. More than 150 vendors, ICT players and telecom providers have already opted for our approach. Conceptsales knows the challenges of rapidly changing IT and telecom developments and has a proven approach to make your company strong. Consequence: more leads, more orders, satisfied customers and a healthy business model.

Due to the ever-changing demand from your customers and the arrival of new developments, such as cloud and the digital transformation, your company, your business model and your services are changing. Conceptsales helps you, responsibly and in a short time, to make the right choices to successfully lay the foundation for short- and long-term growth.


Juri Pietersen
Business Lead Conceptsales

Partner Master Class is an international training and consulting company that delivers the official Microsoft PDC program.

Do you want to improve your professionalism, profitability, customer satisfaction and increase your sales volumes? Partner Master Class provides ‘seasoned’  Microsoft Dynamics veterans who have been owners of several Dynamics partner companies. They have over 25 years of experience in ERP and more than 15 years in Microsoft Dynamics.

Partner Master Class is an international training and consulting company that delivers the official Microsoft PDC program. PDC stands for Partner Development Center. PDC’s deliver training and coaching for the 5 so-called non-technical roles of the Dynamics Partner Academy. Partner Master Class is selected by Microsoft as the first choice PDC for The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and recently also for Australia and Germany.

Joining the Partner Master Class is an innovative journey that brings perspective, vision, tools and processes to Microsoft partners helping them to manage successfully their business.


Guus Krabbenborg
Business Lead PartnerMasterClass

Quattro Business Solutions (QBS group) is Value Add SMB Distributor for Microsoft Dynamics. The world has changed! From a sellers’ market in the early 00’s to a buyers’ market today, where buyers “travel” the biggest part of their buying journey online.

From a sales to a marketing focused approach, with heavy competition and a growing demand for standard cloud based solutions. In order to support Dynamics Partners with these huge changes, Microsoft introduced the Volume Strategy -Road to Repeatability – and appointed QBS group as partner to support and guide Dynamics Partners with all the necessary strategic and operational changes. We have started our journey (as Dynamics Master VAR) in early 2013 and currently support over 400 partners – Resellers and ISV’s. Recent information from Microsoft shows that on average QBS partners outperform non-QBS partners, underlining the success of the strategy. We support our partners with services aimed at achieving growth in revenue and reduction in costs.


Micheal Hartmann

Michael Hartmann
CEO QBS group

Sales Value is the professional sales outlet for ICT vendors and IT companies. With highly skilled ‘outside in’ solution sellers, we are a great conversation partner for your customers.

With problem based sales approach, we prove to be able to show significant sales growth and retention.

Sales Value is your ideal partner if you need:

  • To outsource your sales activities
  • Special sales for projects
  • Training and coaching of your own team


Remco Rijnhart
Sales Director SalesValue

OneBizz brings Office 365, Dynamics 365 and data together in a simple but very effective way of working.

OneBizz promotes working efficiently and eliminates familiar daily frustrations:

  • Dealing with my email seems to have become a full-time job.
  • I spend a lot of my time searching for the right- and most actual data.
  • Other employees can see my personal data and I don’t like that.
  • I have a lack of time to learn new functionality.
  • I fear a long and costly implementation.
  • Standard reports don’t match with my information requirements.
  • I miss a good insight on my sales opportunities.

OneBizz helps you dealing with such problems by offering best practices such as role-based dashboards and templates for frequently used functions. Searching becomes finding, and with the online help you easily find your way to new functionalities.


Johanan Bos

Johanan Bos